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What is the best stapler for teachers?

When it comes to choosing the right stapler, especially as a teacher, its important to look at several factors. 1) Price, 2) Quality, 3) Functionality.

Hear me out, when it comes to the price of a stapler, even through they can be rather cheap; Buying multiples due to low durability can really eat into your teaching budget. And when it comes to functionality, it’s important to be able to staple 1-2 sheets or even 50 sheets. Whatever the task might be, you’re definitely going to want a good stapler.

How do the staplers above compare?

Let’s take a look at the staplers listed above, and see which one is going to give you the best bang for your buck.

Coming in at #1, the Amazon Basics Stapler is a great choice if you’re looking for a cheap, budget friendly stapler. It’s going to last you a decent while, and for a very reasonable price, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up a couple. That being said, the staplers functionality is quite low. It, at most, can handle about 5 – 10 pages at once.

Our second pick is the Swingline Stapler. This is a bit more of an expensive stapler, because we’re moving out of the generic into the branded staplers. But with this comes the capability of stapling about 20 sheets at the maximum. It’s quality is also far better then that of the Amazon Basic Stapler.

The third pick, the Bostitch Office Heavy Duty Stapler is for those looking for a much more durable, compact and powerful stapler. While only costing a few more dollars then the basic, it has the capability of stapling up to 40 sheets! Which is just crazy considering the stapler is able to easily fit in the palm of your hand.

Our fourth pick the Swingline stapler full-size desktop stapler comes with a 25 sheet capacity. It’s great for those looking to easily punch through paper. The stapler was built to be high quality and comes with a reduced effort accessory attached that makes it MUCH easier to staple larger paper stacks.

Our fifth and final pick is the Mr. Pen Heavy Duty Stapler. This stapler can punch through a whole 100 sheets at once! It’s one of the biggest full sized staplers that you can get. I would only recommend using this stapler if you’re looking to staple large stacks of paper repeatedly. That being said, this is one tough cookie and won’t break down on you no matter how much you use it. I’m personally a fan of this stapler, because of it’s durability. I’ve used one for many years without any troubles and stapled thousands of papers.